How Much Do You Know About The Violin?

Do you know the history behind your violin? There’s more to the history of that
beautiful instrument than just the Stradivarius Family. The evolution of the modern violin spans
several centuries, and several different points in history. Take a journey into the musical past
and read about the interesting points in history that helped create one of the worlds most beloved
string instruments.

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Strung Along- Choosing the Right Strings for Your Violin

As you advance, tackling more complex pieces of music, greater demands will be made not only on the bow itself, but on the responsiveness of each string or combination of strings. But what type of strings do you need for your instrument, playing style, and overall budget? To help get you started, we have put together a basic guide breaking down the three main string types and their best uses for your playing needs.

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Playing Through – The Art of Owning Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes – even the best concert violinist will miss a note or two on a really bad day. But how you pull yourself back up after your mistakes is the difference between a casual player and an outstanding instrument player. Read on for advice on how to get past some of the rough spots and move onto greatness.

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Scoring the Nutcracker

Christmas Eve. Imagine a big house, beautifully decorated for Christmas. The home of a very important person. Imagine a little girl named Clara, and a […]

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The Magic of Practice

Is practicing your string instrument really that big a deal? How important is practice anyway? Aren’t lessons enough? Find out what makes your at-home practice so “magical” and how you can push yourself to greatness.

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