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Strung Along- Choosing the Right Strings for Your Violin

As you advance, tackling more complex pieces of music, greater demands will be made not only on the bow itself, but on the responsiveness of each string or combination of strings. But what type of strings do you need for your instrument, playing style, and overall budget? To help get you started, we have put together a basic guide breaking down the three main string types and their best uses for your playing needs.

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West German Viola

West German Viola Finished

This viola was bought at yard sale for $20.  Needed neck & fingerboard reglued, a new bridged, strings and some TLC.  Now it  will be […]

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Repairing a Fallen Cello

Repairing the cello 4

A young man brought his broken cello in for repair. The headstock and part of the fingerboard were completely separated from the instrument due to […]

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