At Symphony Strings our focus is on making sure young string instrument students can progress in music and reach their true potential. To this end, we perform top quality, timely repairs and maintenance on violins, violas, cellos and string basses. Our unique “Personalized Service” means that we come to you. We meet with you to discuss your repair needs. This includes an assessment of needed repair or maintenance and an accurate estimate of cost and time necessary to complete the work.

Instrument repairs are done in a professional manner with emphasis on proper function and quality of tone. Whether changing strings or reattaching the neck, your instrument will be handled carefully and brought up to it’s ultimate playability. Look below for photos of before and after repairs.

Instrument inspection procedure:

We will inspect the instrument from top to bottom.

  • Pegs (for fit and lubrication)
  • Nut (for string slot depth)
  • Strings (for tone and damage)
  • Fingerboard (for dirt and contour)
  • Bridge (for contour, fit and position)
  • Soundpost (for fit and position)
  • Tailpiece (for positioning)
  • Endpin assembly (for fit and function)
  • All seams (for separations, damage, cracks)
  • Neck (for secure fit to body)
  • Top and Back (for cracks, dirt)

Upon completion of inspection, we will recommend any needed repairs and give an estimate of costs and time necessary to complete the work.
This thorough inspection is done free of charge whether or not repairs are necessary.

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